Receiving expected return on investment is not only leasing available office...

As the exclusive landlord representative, iO Partners will be responsible for:

  • advisory at the design stage,
  • preparation and implementation of marketing strategy,
  • advisory at the stage of preparation of marketing materials (brochures, flyers, presentations, etc.),
  • preparation of leasing strategy (to determine the best tenant’s mix and leasing terms),
  • advisory at the stage of preparation of the lease agreement and preparation of the other necessary documents,
  • identification of potential tenants and their financial and leasing expectations,
  • advisory during leasing stage,
  • presentation of investment during leasing stage,
  • cooperation with other leasing agency companies on day to day basis,
  • cooperation with architects,
  • assistance during lease agreement negotiations,
  • coordination and assistance through the entire process of negotiations.

Our efforts for the best commercialization of your property are not only limited to Budapest, but throughout a network of our regional offices in Hungary and offices around the world, we have contacts with different potential tenants.

Whether you’re investor, property developer, institutional investor or public sector organization, we will bring a strategic, proactive leasing approach to your assets!