Offices for rent - Budapest

Found 324 offices.

  • Andrássy 40-42

    Budapest, VI. Andrássy út 40-42


    Gross leasable area: 3 125 sq m

    Office space for rent: 3 125 sq m


  • Andrássy 64

    Budapest, VI. Andrássy út 64.


    Gross leasable area: 2 731 sq m

    Office space for rent: 1 984 sq m


  • Andrássy 93

    Budapest, VI. Andrássy út 93.


    Gross leasable area: 1 936 sq m

    Office space for rent: none

    Andrássy 93 office building is located on the Andrássy Avenue (which is part of the World Heritage) in the heart of Budapest’s Diplomat-quarter, between Kodály körönd and Bajza utca. The building known as ’Herzog Villa’ was built in 1884 based on the plans by architect Rezso Ray and had given home t...

  • Andrássy Palace

    Budapest, VI. Andrássy út 9.


    Gross leasable area: 8 462 sq m

    Office space for rent: none

    The Andrássy út (way) is an avenue of great importance, is a protected route and it is the most representative avenue of the city of Budapest. The business centre is located in the central part of the avenue that is closest downtown area to the centre of the capital. The centre can be easily approac...

  • Aréna Business Campus

    Budapest, VIII. Hungária körút 30.

    under construction

    Gross leasable area: 65 511 sq m

    Office space for rent: 60 932 sq m