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myhive Greenpoint 7

Greenpoint7 is an office building with clear architecture and a façade of stone, glass and aluminum, an office center with user–orientated floor plans, structural raster of 1.4 m and tract depth from 7.35 m to 14.15 m. Each floor can be divided into as many as four rental units offers a wide range of unit sizes from 280 m² to 2,100 m² on single floor. The 2,000 m² park in front of the building and the garden in the courtyard are ideal places to relax for people working in Greenpoint 7. ƒ Raised floor ƒ Heating and cooling by 4-pipe fan coils ƒ Opening windows with visor ƒ Designer floor lamps ƒ Suspended ceiling in the hallways ƒ Archive and storage possibilities ƒ Restaurant

Office myhive Greenpoint 7