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Eiffel Palace

Eiffel Palace – a Central Business District development of unique significance in historic preservation, urban planning, sustainability and general construction – officially opened its doors in Budapest on 20 March 2014. The building’s double environmental certificate (LEED Gold, BREEAM Very Good) is unique in Central and Eastern Europe. Features that contribute to the excellent energy and water efficiency of the building include solar collectors and photovoltaic panels, the use of harvested rainwater, built-in low-flow aerators, occupancy and motion sensors, energy-saving LED light fixtures, pre-programmable elevators and the vegetation on multiple roof terraces. Bicycle storages with lockers and showers are situated in the 5-story underground garage, and electric and hybrid car chargers are also located here. The adornment of the atrium is the vertical garden that complements the timeless harmony of whites, beiges and bronzes with its fresh shades of green, and links the ground floor with the first floor. Besides the company’s apparent focus on environmental value creation, Horizon Development also puts great emphasis on restoring historic values. It pays tribute to the heritage of Pesti Hírlap and Zrínyi Nyomda with its exhibition on the history of printing, and the display of original machinery in common areas.

Office Eiffel Palace