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Corvin Palace

Corvin Palace, located right at one of Budapest’s busiest intersections and public transportation junctions, Blaha Lujza square, has been functioning as a department store since 1926. The renovation of the building, and the reconstruction of Blaha Lujza square started concurrently in Q2 2021 and will both be completed by the end of 2022. After the modernization, Corvin Palace will serve retail functions on three floors, and offices on five different floors, totaling over 16500 square meters. On the rooftop, a panorama rooftop bar will provide gastronomic and cultural experiences. The building, after the renovation of its historic façade, and the modernization of its interior spaces, will be one of Budapest’s crown jewels, both in terms of its aesthetics and of its professional services and qualities.

Office Corvin Palace