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BudaPart GATE

BudaPart is a dream come true. A real human centric living environment, where sustainable state-of-the-art technology, diligent engineer-design and nature-friendliness come together in an inspiring harmony. Being appreciative of the nature and the urban environment surrounding the location of BudaPart, we will convert the synergy offered by the river and the close inner city into a harmonious and inspiring environment. Our main goal for this new quarter is to provide an exciting, colorful place for those who live and work here, and those visiting the area for recreational purposes. BudaPart is a unique development in Hungary due to its location and the high rate of green and water areas. 11 of the 54 hectares of the property is water whilst 25 hectares of green are bringing you as close to nature as you can be in a vibrant city. This area is located at the southern gateway to the city and offers a number of travel options. BudaPart is located close to the M1/M7 and M6 motorways in the transit corridor headed from the west and south towards the city. Additionally, thanks to Rákóczi híd, Könyves Kálmán/Hungária körút, and the lower quay road, it also provides easy access to Budapest’s urban traffic flow. As for public transport, Budapest’s newest metro line, the M4 also provides access to the BudaPart region.

Office BudaPart GATE